Xtralife EP Fran Jimenez Release Date 25 Feb 2017
Sin Escape (Original Mix)
Xtralife (Original Mix)
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Sweet This Show Martyn Playfrd Release Date 25 Feb 2017
Sweet This Show (Original Mix)
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Demons Souls EP Tawa Girl Release Date 24 Feb 2017
Demons Souls (Original Mix)
Demons Souls (Manuel Hierro Remix)
Demons Souls (Katarina Ohalloran Remix)
Demons Souls (Jhon Denas Remix)
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Mr. Sonora Nauzet Jonay Release Date 17 Feb 2017
Mr. Sonora (Original Mix)
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Discolo EP Alfonso Padilla Release Date 11 Feb 2017
Discolo (Original Mix)
Storyhouse (Original Mix)
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Trous Noirs Dr. Needles Release Date 08 Feb 2017
Trous Noirs (Original Mix)
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Future EP Sosa Ibiza Release Date 20 Jan 2017
Cheking (Original Mix)
Apocalipsis (Original Mix)
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Magnatronic EP Jhon Denas Release Date 09 Jan 2017
Magnatronic (Original Mix)
Future Retro (Original Mix)
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Katanga Mario Bazouri Release Date 30 Dec 2016
Katanga (Original Mix)
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Deeper Space Mario Bazouri, Michka Release Date 18 Nov 2016
Deeper Space (Original Mix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Mollan - Dr. Phanton Funk Original Mix
Pulse Plant - Assimilate Original Mix
Manuel Hierro - Revolution Original Mix
Mario Bazouri - Elasticity Original Mix
Mario Bazouri - Moguai Original Mix
Mario Bazouri - Spectrum7 Original Mix
Tawa Girl - Demons Souls Manuel Hierro Remix
Jhon Denas - Future Retro Original Mix
Manuel Hierro - Unknown Signal Original Mix
Stigz - Do It Original Mix
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